General Symptoms of Flu While Pregnant

The possibility to caught flu while pregnant is very high because in pregnant women, their immune system will be so much lowered. It is something usual in pregnant women because this kind of system will give a good effect for your body because it helps the body to not rejecting the baby. But this kind of system will also give the mom bigger possibility of infection both bacterial and viral. The lowered immune system gives you a good effect, but it is also besides the mom that directly affected, it also has dangerous effect to the baby since everybody condition that you have will affect the baby too. So, you need to take care of your body so much more and make the body condition at its best from any kind of sickness including flu other. You also need to know more about its symptoms.


The Symptoms of Flu in Pregnant Woman


You have to remember that flu while pregnant is so much more dangerous than the usual flu. It can bring some bad effects to your unborn child. That is why you need to know when you will get the flu and understand the symptoms. Flu symptoms while pregnant generally is same with usual flu. You can get a stuffy nose, instant relief, sore throat, cough, headache or fever. You need to treat your flu according to the symptoms. You have to be careful with its medication too, you cannot just take any medication.


If you get flu while pregnant, you have to pay attention to the medication that you take. It will be much better if you can get usual treatment and not take drugs or chemical medication. If you can avoid the flu, it is so much better than cure it. You have to pay more attention with your body condition; you cannot let your guard down. It is not that hard but it is not easy either.


The Medication that You Can Use

If you really need to take a medication for flu while pregnant, you need to pay attention in it. The first 3 months of pregnancy are a very important phase of your unborn baby. This is the most important time of your baby’s organ development, so whatever medication that you take will make a very great impact. After that phase, take the medication is okay but you still need to be careful. Pay more attention to contain and direction of your medication. Do not be careless with it.


Flu while pregnant might not be that dangerous, but you cannot see it lightly too. It has a bigger possibility of flu complication, for instance, pneumonia or bronchial infection. If you do a bunch of activities that can give you a bigger possibility of flu you have to get flu vaccination. You can get the vaccination on a regular basis. It will lower the possibility of flu. Live more hygienically will help to avoid any illness. Clean your hand regularly, consume healthy food, have enough sleep, do exercises, and do not put yourself in stress. If it has been too late and you already catch flu, you have to treat it fast and carefully.